Jewelry And Product Photography Studio is New York City most comprehensive professional photo studio with experienced photographers in jewelry photography and product photography for your eCommerce store and major platforms . We also specialize in lifestyle photography for your Instagram posts. Designers are welcome for apparel photography on model and editorial photography for magazine advertisement.
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eCommerce Video Production - Body Dimensions Industries, Inc
The team at Lenflash did superb work. I really enjoy working with them. The care and attention to detail and second to none.
eCommerce Video Production - Diamour Inc
The videos are professional and aesthetically pleasing. They flow seamlessly and show the angles and scale of the jewelry on a person perfectly. Creative commercial on white background for Diamonds Are Girl's Best Friend was a surprise. Video production for close-ups is great! Well done!
eCommerce Video Production - eCommerce Videography
eCommerce Videography
eCommerce Video Production - CC Hirschman
CC Hirschman Casting
Lenflash created advertisement video content for A&E Millwork, an amazing job is done with high-end quality of the taste. You feel the awesome quality when you open the company website. Highly recommended!
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Stop motion
eCommerce Video Production - stop motion animation
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