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Patches / Stickers / Scrunchies / Clips

$22.00 per each image

Get custom eCommerce photography services!

Ordering a photoshoot for patches, stickers, scrunchies, or clips is easy. Start by looking at the provided images and selecting the angles you want for your product photos. You can also upload your own reference images if needed. Add any specific instructions or details in the CLIENT COMMENTS section to guide us in capturing exactly what you need.

Bags / Murse / Purses / Clutches

$40.00 per each image

Customizing eCommerce photography for bags or purses is easy - Order Now!

To get started, simply browse through the sample images available and select the ones that best represent the desired look for your bag or purse. If you do not see the specific angle you have in mind, you have the option to upload your own reference images as attachments. Additionally, you can provide detailed instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section, outlining any specific aspects you would like us to emphasize.

Duffel / Tote / Briefcases / Backpack & Satchel

$65.00 per each image

Start your duffel or tote bag photography order by reviewing the examples.

Choose the images that best represent how you want us to photograph your briefcases or backpacks. If you don't see the exact angle you need, you can upload reference images as attachments.

Add detailed instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section, including any specific details or preferences you want us to focus on. The more information you provide, the better.

Upon completion of your initial order, the approved angles will be stored in the Previous Orders section for your convenience and future us

Scarves / Blankets / Throws

$40.00 per each angle

Order scarves or blankets photography easily with these steps:

Browse and select desired angles for blankets and throws from the provided images. (Group images will incur extra charges.) If your preferred angle isn't available, upload your own reference images.

Add instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section, highlighting specific details or preferences.

Once we complete your initial direction, the approved photography will be stored in the Previous Orders tab for future reference.

Belts / Gloves / Wallets

$35.00 per each image

Creating Direction for Accessories Photography with LenFlash.

Review the images provided below and provide direction on the angles that best capture your vision for the photography of Belts, Gloves, and Wallets.

Keep in mind that images featuring multiple angles will be charged separately. If you cannot find the exact angle you're looking for, you can upload reference images as attachments.

For any extra instructions or specific details, please include them in the CLIENT COMMENTS section. Once your initial order is complete, you will find your approved angles saved in the Previous Orders tab.

Eyewear: Shades / Frames / Glasses

$35.00 per each image

Ordering eyewear or shades photography is simplified with this guide:

Feel free to upload reference images for specific angles you want your products to be showcased on your online store. You can also choose suggested angles that best match your desired style for frames or glasses. 

Detailed instructions and important information can be added in the CLIENT COMMENTS section. Approved angles from your initial order will be stored in the Previous Orders tab.

Footwear Standard

$40.00 per each image

Enhance Your Footwear Photography Experience

When placing a standard footwear photography order, consider your target audience and create photography directions. You can attach reference images taken on your mobile phone or any visuals you have on hand, and provide specific instructions in the client comments section. After your first order, you can access your previously approved product photography directions in the Previous Orders section.

Footwear Complex

$65.00 per each image

Ordering footwear or complex bird's-eye-view photography:

Please take a moment to review the images below and select the angles that best showcase your complex footwear product. Please note that composition shots will be charged accordingly.

If the desired sample angle is not displayed, you can upload reference images via attachments. Please provide detailed instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section. Feel free to share any specific details or additional information.

Holiday Gifts / Kids Toys

$35.00 per each image

It's quick and simple to place an order for holiday gifts or toys photography:

Due to the nature of products for a variety of gifts, it's always important to showcase your selling points and capture that essence. Explore the basic photography direction below and make your selections based on the angles you prefer for your gifts to appear on your store end. (Images demonstrating complex photography will be priced accordingly.)

If you can't find the exact angle you have in mind, feel free to upload your own reference images as attachments. Add any specific instructions or helpful information to the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Wine Bottles / Jars / Glass / Vase / Tumblers

$50.00 per each image

The process of ordering wine bottles or glass vase photography:

Because glass vases and bottles are highly reflective, it's crucial to provide lighting direction and choose angles that best complement your product. Take a look at the images below and choose the angles that showcase your product effectively.

If you can't find the exact angle you have in mind, you can upload reference images as attachments. (Images displaying two or more angles for a web banner will be charged accordingly.)

Feel free to include any additional instructions or helpful details in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Kitchenware / Dinnerware

$50.00 per each image

Begin your kitchenware and dinnerware product photography order seamlessly!

Explore photography direction online and familiarize your vision for kitchenware or dinnerware for e-commerce presence. It's crucial to consider light and reflection direction.

Upload reference images via attachments for a specific angle in mind that isn't shown on LenFlash; you can effortlessly view sample images from our portfolio and select the direction that best showcases your kitchenware. (Images featuring group shots or still life settings will incur respective charges.)

Include specific instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section, highlighting any details you want us to pay close attention to or any other helpful information.

Books / Magazines / Art

$40.00 per each image

Customize personalized directions for book and art photography

When ordering photography for books or art, start by brainstorming the details and understanding the photo's purpose. Gather information about the size, cover style, specific pages, or textures to highlight, and decide on the desired number of photos, compositions, and any special requests.

Take time to review the images below and select the angles that best showcase your product in photographs. If you have a specific direction not shown, upload reference images via attachments.

Add specific instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section, including any details you want us to focus on or any additional helpful information.

Medical / Health / Beauty / Cosmetics

$35.00 per each image

Efficient guidance for high-quality photography of cosmetics and health products

Upload photography directions for high-quality photography of cosmetics, health and medical products for online presence via attachments.

Order high-quality images that showcase products from different angles, highlight key ingredients for health products, and maintain brand consistency throughout.

Additionally, share any additional instructions or helpful information in the CLIENT COMMENTS section to ensure we capture your vision accurately.

Phone & iPad Case / Electronics

$40.00 per each image

Ordering product photography for electronics:

It's crucial to provide lighting direction and upload angles that best complement your product; you can upload reference images for electronic devices and accessories like phones and iPad cases as attachments.

Use our gallery of sample images below and choose the angles that can showcase your product effectively. (Images displaying two or more angles for a web banner will be charged accordingly.)

Feel free to include any additional instructions or helpful details in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Group Shots / Set 2 items

$65.00 per each image

Effortlessly order stunning group shots and set of 2 item photography

To capture your products in a set of 2, please consider the angles you need.

Take a moment to think about the positioning, shoot some reference images on your mobile, and upload them for us to follow your direction.

Additionally, simple sample images are available below for you to select as a guide. Don't forget, you can always provide further details in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Group Shots / Set 3 to 4 items

$120.00 per each image

Customize your photography order for group shots of 3 to 4 Items

Browse the suggested images below and select the angles that best capture the essence of your group shots.

If you have a specific angle in mind that's not shown, feel free to upload reference images as attachments.

Provide any specific instructions or helpful information in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Group Shots / Set 5 & more items

$160.00 per each image

Initiate Your Group Shots of 5 or More Items Photography Order with Ease

Whether you're aiming for a banner shot for your website or showcasing a product with 5 or more items, you can suggest specific angles by uploading your reference images as attachments.

You can also review the suggested images below to select angles that align with your vision for the group shot photography.

Feel free to provide any additional instructions or details in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Add on extra services
Additional Image Format
$5.00 per each image
All orders include web resolutions images (1500x1500 pixels, 72 dpi, jpeg) Additional resolution or format - $5 per image


$10.00 per each image

Color Editing / Image Manipulation

$9.99 per each image

Product Stylist

$85.00 per hour

Minimum 6 Hours


$10.00 per each image

Shadow / Reflection / Border Shadow

$5.00 per each image

Product Scaling / Cropping

$5.00 per each image

Add Measurements

$5.00 per each image

Watermark / Logo on Image

$5.00 per each image

Additional background

$5.00 per each image
All orders include white background
Rush fee
A rush fee is an extra amount paid by the client to guarantee delivery in the minimum time needed to complete a project.
Send us your full instructions and comments. Every detail counts!
You can ATTACH or drag`n`drop multiple files Attach your sample
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Professional Product Photography Services for eCommerce Businesses.

Looking for a reliable and affordable product photographer for eCommercers? Look no further than LenFlash. Our professional studio is dedicated to providing high-quality product photography services for businesses that rely heavily on product sales. With years of experience and a state-of-the-art studio, we have the skills and equipment necessary to capture the best shots of your products.

Our pricing options are designed to fit your budget, with transparent pricing that allows you to customize your order according to your needs. Choose from product photography per image, day rate, hourly rate, and custom quotation. We offer a range of services, including white background product photography, and our team of skilled photographers is equipped with close-up photo technology, various lenses, tripods, and professional lights.

Booking our product photography services is easy. We offer free storage and unlimited users for your team members, and our quick turnaround time ensures that your raw images are ready for posting on your online platforms. We also have a consultation and product styling staff available upon request.

Our high-resolution images are perfect for vendors who sell to major brands, influencers, designers, retailers, and wholesalers who want to convert potential customers into buyers. Use our images for various marketing materials such as websites, online galleries, print catalogs, advertisements, brochures, and other marketing materials.

If you're looking for professional product photographers, contact us now and ship your products to our studio. Our product photography rates are the best value for your money, and we're committed to helping your business attract more customers and increase sales.

About Product Photography - History

Product photography has a rich history that dates back to the early days of photography. Initially, it was primarily used in catalogs and magazines to display products to potential buyers. With the advancement of photography technology, product photography evolved, and photographers began to use more sophisticated techniques to create stunning and eye-catching images.

In the early 20th century, businesses started to use product photography in advertising by hiring photographers to create images that would help them sell their products. This led to a surge in demand for product photographers as companies began to realize the impact of well-executed product photography.

The introduction of color photography in the 1950s revolutionized product photography, offering photographers the ability to create more visually appealing and realistic images than ever before. This resulted in more demand for product photography as companies acknowledged the importance of using color images in their marketing materials.

The arrival of digital photography in the 1980s brought another revolution in product photography, making it possible for photographers to create high-quality images quickly and efficiently. This further reduced the cost of product photography, making it more accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Today, there are various forms of product photography, ranging from simple product shots to intricate images. Besides technical skills, product photographers need to have a keen eye for design and composition. They also require the ability to work with various products and understand how to showcase their best features. Additionally, they need to be able to deliver high-quality images that meet their clients' specific needs. As a result, the demand for product photographers is higher than ever before, and they play an essential role in any marketing campaign.

The emergence of e-commerce has made it necessary for businesses to present their products in a visually appealing manner to attract potential customers online. Consequently, the demand for superior quality product photography has increased significantly. According to a recent survey conducted by Shopify, product images play a crucial role in purchase decision-making, with 89% of online shoppers acknowledging their significance.

What is product photography and why is it important?

Product photography is an essential part of any business that sells products online, in catalogs, or in any other visual format. It is the art of capturing high-quality and visually appealing images of products with the intention of marketing them. Professional product photos can add credibility to a brand, draw in customers, and help to differentiate it from competitors. We specialize in a range of services such as macro photography, white background photoshoots, tabletop & overhead product photography.

Do you offer tabletop and overhead product photography?

Yes, LenFlash is the perfect place for your tabletop and overhead product photography needs. Our experienced photographers have the skill and expertise to capture stunning photographs of large and small products. With our studio set up, you can be sure that you'll get the perfect shot. To learn more about the difference between tabletop and overhead photography, visit our LenFlash Tips section.

Are you wondering how to access and store your photography files with LenFlash?

We have you covered! Our photo storage service allows you to store an unlimited amount of photography orders in a secure and safe environment. With our dependable backup service, you won't have to worry about manually backing up your image and video files. Our backup service is designed to provide a one stop solution for eCommerce product photography, so you can rest assured that your files are safe and protected!

How much does professional product photography services cost?

Look no further than our comprehensive package of pricing options! LenFlash team of professional photographers will provide you with quality photos for your products. Our rates start at just $22 per image for small products like stickers and $30 per shot for accessories such as eyewear, footwear, and cosmetics. For more intricate and multi-layered products, prices may go up to $65 per image, while up to 5 products on one shot can be charged up to $200.00 per image. With our competitive rates, you can trust that you will get the product photos you need to make your business successful without breaking the bank. Check out our pricing guide today to get started!

How quickly can I expect to receive the final product photography shots?

Capturing the perfect product photography shots requires a certain amount of time, dependent on the individual direction of your project. Typically, it'll take 3-4 days to get the photos back after they have been edited to perfection. Our team is made up of experienced photographers who are also experts in image editing, so you can rest assured that you'll receive pictures of the highest quality. On average, it takes around a few to several days for our team to carefully retouch and deliver your photos. However, the exact timeline may vary depending on the specific requirements of your project. 

At our photography studio, you won't have to worry about hidden costs. All of our retouching services are included in our PHOTOGRAPHY pricing and packages, so you can get the perfect photos without any extra fees.

Do you offer product photography services for Amazon?

LenFlash is here to help you create the perfect product photography for Amazon. Our professional photographers have the expertise to meet the strict image standards set by Amazon, ensuring that your products have a consistent and visually appealing look that customers love. With our help, you can bring your products to life on Amazon and other marketplaces.

Would you be available for a consultation prior to the photoshoot?

Yes, our team of skilled eCommerce product photographers is available for a free consultation. We offer in-person consultations at our studio or remote consultations via Zoom call. Our team, which includes consultation and product styling staff, is ready to provide professional recommendations, pricing support, and meet all your needs for high-quality and precise product images that reflect your brand.

Are you ready to place an order with Here's how:

Step One: Sign up for an account. This quick process will only take a few minutes, and you'll be all set to begin.

Step Two: Select the photography type that suits your needs. Whether it's model photography or product photography, we've got you covered. We provide recommended photography directions for model shoots and a wide array of angle options for product photography. You can either provide us with your specific requirements or upload files with your instructions for us to follow.

Step Three: Choose to either deliver your product in person or ship it to our physical studio from anywhere in the world.

Additionally, we offer the option of a zoom link for you to observe our photography process, available at an extra cost of $100.00 per hour, with a minimum of one hour.