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Watches / Bezel & Dials

$52.00 per each angle

Watch Photographer - Trust Us!

Your direction for watch photography is very important! We have displayed angle samples for you to envision how you can display your product!

Watch photography always depends on the watch designer's creative direction. Simply take your mobile device and start experimenting, then upload your best shot as a direction via attachments. If you could not capture your best image, you can always express your direction by writing it in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.


$22.00 per each angle

Placing an order for Ring photography is fast and easy:

Please select the angles in which you would like your rings to be photographed from the sample images provided or upload your own reference images. You can include additional directions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section. Images demonstrating two angles will be charged at the price per angle.


$24.00 per each angle

Order Earring photography, it’s incredibly simple:

Begin by reviewing the sample images below and selecting all those that reflect how you want your earrings to look. (Images featuring two angles will be billed based on the price per angle.) If the desired angle is not shown, you can upload your own reference images via attachments.

Next, please add any additional written directions to the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Pendants / Charms

$24.00 per each angle

Get your Pendants and Charm photography order started:

Review the examples below and select all the images that best reflect how you'd like us to photograph your Pendants and Charms. Images with multiple angles will be charged per angle. If the angle you have in mind is not visible, please feel free to upload your own reference images as attachments.

Please provide directions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section, including any details you want us to pay close attention to. Remember: the more detail, the better.


$30.00 per each angle

Easily place an order for Bracelet photography by following these simple steps:

Browse through the images below and select the angles you desire for your Bracelets to be photographed in. (Charges per angle will apply to images that display multiple angles.) If you do not see the angle you had in mind, you can upload your own reference images using attachments.

Please provide additional instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section, including any specific details you want us to focus on.

Clasp / Lock / Links

$23.00 per each angle

Ordering Clasp, Lock, and Link photography is a breeze:

Explore the images below and select the angles that capture your vision for the Clasp, Lock, and Link photography. Images demonstrating more than one angle will be subject to charges per angle. If you can't find the exact angle you're looking for, you can upload reference images via attachments.

Share any additional instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section to let us know about any specific information you have in mind.

Brooches / Pins

$30.00 per each angle

Starting the process of ordering Brooch or Pin photography effortlessly:

Take a look at the images below and choose the angles that best represent how you want your Brooches or Pins to be photographed. Images displaying few angles will be subject to the price per angle. If you do not see the angle you had in mind, you can upload your own reference images via attachments.

Add specific instructions to CLIENT COMMENTS, including key details or helpful information.

Cufflinks / Money Clip

$24.00 per each angle

Begin your Cufflink photography order quickly and easily:

View the images below and select the desired angles for capturing your Cufflinks. (Images featuring two or more angles will have an additional charge.) If you don't see the angle you envisioned, attach your own reference images.

Please include any specific instructions or helpful information in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Necklaces / uShape Chain / Top Shots

$36.00 per each angle

Ordering Necklace, uShape Chain, or chain Top Shots photography is a seamless process:

Quickly review the sample images below and choose the angles that best showcase your Necklace or Chain. (Multi-layered or any group shot images will be charged accordingly.)

If your desired angle is not displayed, you can upload reference images via attachments.

Please mention anything you need in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Loose Gems & Diamonds

$48.00 per each angle

Loose Gems or Diamond photography: Placing your order is quick and simple!

Choose a sample direction below for your shoot based on your preferred angles for Loose Diamonds. (Group shots will be charged accordingly.)

If you can't find the exact angle you have in mind, feel free to upload your own reference images as attachments.

Please provide specific guidance in the CLIENT COMMENTS section, including key details.

Jewelry Box & Pouch

$30.00 per each angle

Simplify the process of Jewelry Box or Pouch photography:

Skim through the images below and select the angles that capture your desired Jewelry Box & Pouch presentation.

Images showing two perspectives will be charged per angle. If you don't find the specific angle you envision, you can upload reference images via attachments.

Please share any additional instructions or helpful details in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Oversized / Complex / Multilayered Product

$65.00 per each image

Customize Oversized / Complex / Multilayered Product photography order:

Create your custom photo shoot direction for multilayered or oversized product photography. If you have a particular angle in mind, you can easily upload reference images via attachments or select from our sample photography.

Please add clear instructions to the CLIENT COMMENTS section, highlighting any crucial details.

Jewelry Display & Packaging

$95.00 per each angle

Order Display or Packaging Photography Now!

Capturing Jewelry Display or Packaging works great for your brand promotion. Think of your direction beforehand and upload your own reference images via attachments. You can also browse through the sample images below and select the angles that best capture your vision.

Share any additional instructions or helpful information in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Group Shots / Set 2 items

$50.00 starting

Ordering Group Shots for Sets of Two Items

Explore the images below and select angles for your Group Shot. (Photography charges apply per angle or product quantity.) If you don't see your desired angle, upload reference images. Include specific instructions and important details in CLIENT COMMENTS.

Group Shots / Set 3 to 4 items

$105.00 starting

Effortlessly start your order for Group Shots of 5 or more items:

Review the sample images below and choose angles that match your vision for Group Shot photography. (Charges apply for images with over 6 angles or products.)

If you don't find your desired angle, upload reference images via attachments.

Include any additional instructions or helpful details in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Group Shots / Set 5 & more items

$140.00 starting

Seamlessly initiate your Group Shots of 5 or more items photography order:

Browse through the sample images below and select the angles that align with your vision for the Group Shot photography. (Images featuring two angles will be charged accordingly.)

In case you don't see the specific angle you're looking for, you have the option to upload your own reference images via attachments.

Add any additional instructions or helpful details to the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Add on extra services
Additional Image Format
$5.00 per each image
All orders include web resolutions images (1500x1500 pixels, 72 dpi, jpeg) Additional resolution or format - $5 per image

Color Change For Metal or Stone

$9.99 per each image

Add Ruler

$5.00 per each image


$10.00 per each image


$10.00 per each image

Shadow / Reflection / Border Shadow

$5.00 per each image

Product Scaling / Cropping

$5.00 per each image

Order scaling! 

Watermark / Logo on Image

$5.00 per each image

Additional background

$5.00 per each image
All orders include white background
Rush fee
A rush fee is an extra amount paid by the client to guarantee delivery in the minimum time needed to complete a project.
Send us your full instructions and comments. Every detail counts!
You can ATTACH or drag`n`drop multiple files Attach your sample

Jewelry Photography With Professional Photographers Specializing in Jewelry and Watches

LenFlash is a professional photography service specializing in fine jewelry product photography. We offer personalized consultation services to all our clients to ensure that we meet your unique needs for fashion jewelry and macro jewelry photography, particularly for gemstones and precious metals. With years of practice in jewelry and watch photography, our team of highly skilled and experienced professional jewelry photographers excels in capturing the sparkle and radiance of gems and precious metals in exquisite imaging.

At LenFlash, we pay close attention to the unique requirements of your brand. Our fine jewelry photographers meticulously adapt to your needs, ensuring that we deliver high-quality results that meet your specifications. We cater to various advertising needs, including websites, magazine advertisements and social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. LenFlash specializes in digital jewelry photography on a white background, as well as in styling and displaying fine jewelry to produce exceptional photographs that have the power to boost sales for your product.

Our jewelry photography studio is equipped with the latest professional accessories and equipment to ensure that every piece of jewelry and watch is displayed in its best possible light. We also offer a comprehensive price list for our services, including rates for professional watch photography. If you require white background and still life photos, you can order them with us.

The Evolution of Jewelry Photography

The history of jewelry photography is a long and varied one, dating back to the early days of photography itself. The first jewelry photographs were likely taken in the mid-19th century, using large, cumbersome cameras and glass negatives. These early photographs were often grainy and poorly lit, but they nonetheless captured the beauty and intricate details of jewelry in a way that had never been possible before.

As photography technology improved, so too did the quality of jewelry photography. By the early 20th century, photographers were using smaller, more portable cameras and film negatives, which allowed them to take more creative and artistic photos. This led to a new era of jewelry photography, characterized by bold compositions, dramatic lighting, and stunningly realistic detail.

In recent years, the advent of digital photography has revolutionized jewelry photography once again. Digital cameras offer a number of advantages over film cameras, including greater flexibility, faster workflow, and lower costs. This has made it possible for even small businesses and independent jewelers to produce high-quality jewelry photographs without breaking the bank.

However, over time, photographers developed a number of techniques to overcome these challenges. One of the most important developments was the use of softboxes, which are large, diffused light sources that help to create a soft and even light. Softboxes helped to reduce reflections and make it easier to capture the details of jewelry pieces.

Another important development was the use of macro photography, which allows photographers to take close-up images of small objects. Macro photography was essential for capturing the intricate details of jewelry pieces.

Today, jewelry photography is a highly specialized field, requiring a deep understanding of lighting, composition, and post-production. Professional jewelry photographers use a variety of techniques to create stunning images that capture the beauty of jewelry in all its glory. These techniques include:

Lighting: Jewelry photography requires careful attention to lighting. The goal is to create a soft, diffused light that highlights the details of the jewelry without creating harsh shadows.

Using specialized equipment: Professional jewelry photographers often use specialized equipment, such as jeweler's loupes, microscopes and macro lenses, to capture the smallest details of the jewelry.

Props: Jewelry photographers often use props to help create a sense of context and style in their images. These props can include jewelry boxes, scarves, and flowers.

Composition: Jewelry photography is all about composition. The photographer must carefully arrange the jewelry in a way that is both visually appealing and flattering.

Post-production: Once the photos have been taken, they can be further enhanced in post-production using software like Photoshop or Lightroom. This can include adjusting the color balance, contrast, and sharpness of the images.

Jewelry photography is an important part of the jewelry industry. High-quality jewelry photographs can help jewelers sell more jewelry, attract new customers, and build their brand. If you are a jeweler, it is important to invest in professional jewelry photography. With the right photographer, you can create stunning images that will help you take your business to the next level.

What are your prices for jewelry photography, or what is the average cost for your services?

The pricing for jewelry photography is determined by the specific type of jewelry being captured. The cost for ring photography is $22, while earrings, pendants, and charms are priced at $24. Bracelets imaging is priced at $30, and necklaces, uShape chains, and Top shots are priced at $36. In addition, bespoke jewelry photography that includes natural shadows incurs a fee that is 50% higher than the cost of white background photography. 

Why are some photography prices more expensive?

Creating exceptional photos involves a complex process. Our baseline white background photos are priced lower because they are quicker and simpler to produce. In these images, the entire item is separated from the background, resulting in a different type of editing. On the other hand, higher-priced photos require more time for setup, necessitate custom lighting arrangements, and involve advanced editing due to the original background remaining intact. This absence of background removal necessitates more intricate editing and color adjustment.

The final result, regardless of price, is always excellent. But as with anything in life, the better quality the raw ingredients (in this case, the RAW original photo), the better the end result will be.

Does LenFlash offer watch photography services and if so, are you able to capture photographs from different angles?

LenFlash provides professional watch photography services that are executed by experienced photographers at a competitive rate of $52.00 per image/angle. Our specialized timepiece photography services involve capturing various angles that highlight the intricate design elements of a watch, including the watch face, wristband, numerals, hands, clasps, and winding mechanism. Our team pays attention to detail, focusing on specific features of the watch such as diamond dials and bezels. We take pride in delivering exceptional photography services that are unmatched in the market, ensuring the best outcome for our clients.

Can LenFlash photograph loose stones? What are the prices for photography of loose diamonds and gems?

Our team of experts has vast experience in capturing gemstones and loose diamonds, and we offer competitive rates at only $40.00 per image. With our advanced techniques, we can capture the precise colors and facets of each stone, displaying its stunning clarity. Additionally, we use a microlens with a high resolution camera to highlight any imperfections. Rest assured that LenFlash can beautifully capture any loose stone you need photographed.

What types of image formats and resolutions does your company offer?

Our company provides images in three formats: JPEG, PNG, and TIFF. The file size we offer is 8100x5400 in 300dpi or less, with a default size of 1500x1500 at 72dpi.

Do you provide custom jewelry photography with diverse backgrounds?

Certainly! We offer bespoke jewelry photography that displays natural shadows. However, because custom photography requires more time to set up, specialized lighting, and more sophisticated editing, this service comes at an extra cost of 50% over the standard price of white background photography. Our natural photography ensures that the exact colors of metal and gemstones are displayed in the pictures.

Does your service include jewelry photography for use in website banners or magazines?

Indeed, we provide jewelry photography with a wide range of color backgrounds, or on white backgrounds, in TIFF format suitable for print publications. Our clients typically request group shots, which may cost between $100.00 and $250.00 depending on the number of products. 

How long does it take to shoot jewelry products?

The duration of time required to accomplish the task entirely relies upon the type and amount of jewelry that needs to be photographed. For instance, custom photography takes twice as much time as white background photography. Concerning rings, earrings, or pendants, we can capture up to 7 to 10 products, or 15 images per hour for white background photography. This quoted time doesn’t include retouching, which adds as fast as 24 to 72 hours.  

What are the benefits of LenFlash over other photo studios?

Our jewelry photography services offer a multitude of benefits to our clients. Firstly, our images are of high quality and accurately   the jewelry products. We use professional-grade equipment and lighting to ensure that we capture the best possible photos. Our competitive pricing allows clients to receive exceptional value for their investment. As a bonus, LenFlash provides a dedicated customer account with free storage, unlimited users, and access to request any professional photography services. Our 24/7 customer support ensures that clients receive prompt and efficient assistance whenever they require it.

How can I obtain a custom quote for jewelry photography?

Look no further than Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to tailor your order to your specific needs and budget. Our efficient process ensures that you will receive an accurate quote in real-time, with the added benefit of bulk purchase discounts when granted.

To start your order, you can choose from our recommended photography angles or provide us with specific requirements based on your marketplace. You also have the option of uploading files that contain your instructions, ensuring that our expert photographers capture your jewelry with utmost precision according to your vision. 

Could you kindly confirm whether post-production is included in the jewelry photography services that you provide?

Yes! Retouching is included with all orders. Our production team will upload all raw files to your LenFlash account. You will be given the option to preview and approve the raw images, and provide retouching directions before proceeding to the final image. Please note that our team of experienced retouchers is always available to assist you whenever needed.

Would it be possible to schedule a jewelry photography consultation either in-person or through Zoom?

We offer complimentary consultations for prospective clients interested in jewelry photography, watch photography, or seeking a jewelry photographer. Consultations can be arranged either in-person at our Studio or via a Zoom call with our production team. Don't hesitate to contact us today to take the first step toward realizing your vision.

Signet Jewelers Photography Guidelines Overview

At, we provide jewelry photography services for numerous vendors retailing with Signet Jewelers and its acquired brands. Our unique approach to e-commerce photography ensures consistent visual content across all platforms.

Vendor Compliance with Signet Jewelers' Photography Standards

Since Signet Jewelers requires consistent visual content from all vendors, Lenflash studio will ensure that every vendor meets the requirements outlined in the Signet Photography Guide. This will help vendors provide images that align with Signet group e-commerce websites.

Assurance of Image Acceptance with LenFlash

At, we GUARANTEE that Signet and its Brands will never reject images due to the standards from vendors who hire our production services. In this article, you will learn about the similarities in specifications between brands.

Uniform Photography Standards Across Signet E-Commerce Brands

Photography standards are consistent across all Signet e-commerce brands, including Zales Jewelers, Peoples Jewelers, Banter by Piercing Pagoda, Kay Jewelers,, Rocksbox Jewelry, Diamond Direct, and Vendors associated with Signet are required to provide images that align with specified style, quality, color, and technical guidelines. Images failing to meet these criteria will be rejected and referred back to the vendor for necessary corrections.

Detailed Photography Requirements for Jewelry

Metal elements in jewelry should be shown accurately, with attention to detail such as reflectiveness, contrast in light and dark reflections, and showcasing the cut and color of diamonds and gemstones through suitable lighting and retouching techniques. Any distinctive features of the products must be accurately represented in the photographs.

Color Profiles and Lighting Guidelines

When photographing diamonds, a minimal amount of color flares to exhibit fire is acceptable, but these should not be overly saturated. Gemstone colors and natural inclusions must be portrayed authentically to mirror the real-life appearance of the products. Original jewelry items in images should be clean, with metal tones matching specific color profiles.

Technical Specifications and Image Presentation

Properly balanced lighting is crucial to showcase product details effectively, ensuring that metals and stones are accurately represented. Images with overexposed stones or improper metal tones may not meet the required standards. All backgrounds in images must be pure white, while color space should adhere to RGB standards. Drop shadows are mandatory for all images, maintaining consistency in size, density, and placement to provide products with a grounded appearance.

Specific Guidelines for Different Jewelry Items

Specific guidelines apply to different jewelry items regarding shadow effects. Rings, charms, and watches require grounded shadows, whereas pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and chains necessitate a standard layer-effect shadow.

Image Specifications and Additional Requirements

For Signet Jewelers' image specifications, the frame size should be 2500 pixels X 2500 pixels at 300 dpi, with the actual image filling approximately 2100 x 2100 pixels in JPG and TIFF layered files. Additionally, a ruler shot is mandatory among the alternate images provided.

Benefits of Professional Photography for Vendors

Photographing products on a model and creating videos with a model wearing jewelry against a white background are substantial benefits for vendors!

Advantages of Working with LenFlash

Working with LenFlash offers significant advantages over other photography studios. Our cloud-based photography studio allows clients to create unlimited team members. We host all images for free indefinitely and provide a variety of online interactive tools for vendors, retailers, buyers, and photographers. Our platform enables the approval of raw images and offers 24-hour retouching support. One of the most significant advantages is the option to request color correction, bulk renaming of file names, and sharing images with retail buyers or individuals, all with unlimited capabilities.