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Clothing Photography - Customize Your Garment Shoot Directions

Scarfs / Blankets / Throws

$35.00 per each angle

Streamline your scarf or blanket photography order process.

Provide your direction via attachment option for scarf, throw, or blanket photography. We will fine-tune your angles to capture your desired vision. If you don’t have any samples, you can select from our suggested image samples.

Share any additional instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

(Products photographed in two angles will be charged per each angle.) 

Caps / Hats

$30.00 per each image

Ordering caps or hats photography is a simple process:

Start by reviewing the images below and choosing the angles you want your Caps or Hats photographed in. (Images showing two angles will incur charges per angle.)

Note: If you don't find the desired angle, you can upload your reference images as attachments.

Then, provide additional instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section. Include specific details you want us to focus on or any other helpful information.

Flat Lays: T-shirts / Pants / Shorts

$35.00 per each image

Initiate your flat lays photography it's straightforward:

Begin by browsing the sample images and select those that represent how you want your T-shirts, Pants, or Shorts to appear. (Images with two angles will be charged at the price per angle.)

Note: If you don’t see the angle you had in mind, you can upload your own reference images as attachments.

Next, add additional directions to CLIENT COMMENTS section. Be sure to include any specific details you want us to focus on. Also, include any other information you believe would be helpful.

Flat-Lays - Dress / Jacket / Shirt / Sweater / Hoodies

$45.00 per each image

Let's kickstart your order for dress, jacket, shirt, sweater with flat lay photos!

Please browse through the examples provided and choose the images that best represent your vision for how you want your Dress, Jacket, or Shirt to be photographed. Note: Additional charges apply for images with multiple angles. In case you do not find the exact angle you have in mind, feel free to upload reference images as attachments.

In CLIENT COMMENTS section include any particulars you want us to focus on or any other relevant information that could assist us in capturing your desired look. Remember: the more detailed your instructions are, the better we can meet your expectations.

Apparel on Mannequin

$45.00 per each image

Order your Apparel on Mannequin Photography with these effortless steps:

Check the images below and choose the angles you desire for your apparel to be photographed on a mannequin. (Images showcasing two angles of your clothing will be charged accordingly.) If you don't find the specific angle you have in mind, feel free to upload your own reference images of garments as attachments.

Fill out the CLIENT COMMENTS section for clothing photography and include any specific directions.

After your initial order is completed, you'll be able to access your previously approved clothing styling and photography angles.

Apparel on Ghost Mannequin

$65.00 per each image

Ghost mannequin photography angle selection and instructions:

Select the angles that best capture your vision for the apparel in Ghost Mannequin photography. You can also upload directions via attachments. (Images featuring two angles on a Ghost Mannequin will be charged as two separate angles.)

Mention your instructions for Ghost Mannequin photography in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

After your first order is completed, you'll find your previously approved Ghost Mannequin photo angles in the Previous Orders tab.

Complex Dresses / Coats / Underwear / Lingerie

$85.00 per each image

Choose or provide directions for complex apparel product shots:

See visuals and select the angles that capture the essence of how you envision your underwear or lingerie to be showcased in photographs. 

(Additional fees apply for images featuring two distinct angles.) 

Should you require a specific angle not featured for intricate dresses or coats, feel free to upload reference images via attachments. 

Provide detailed instructions regarding complex photography in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Bridal / Wedding

$120.00 starting

Start your bridal garments photography order, it's quick and easy.

Commence your order for bridal attire photography is simple. Take a look at the images provided below and choose the preferred angles for capturing your bridal collection. 

Additional fees apply for images featuring dual angles. 

If none of the provided options fully meet your requirements, you are welcome to upload your own reference images. Kindly include detailed direction in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Oversized / Complex / Multilayered Product

$120.00 per each image

Ordering clothing photography in oversized dimensions takes just a few minutes:

Select images below that best showcase your oversized complex apparel products.

If the desired angle is not displayed, you can upload reference images of your clothing via attachments.

Provide photography directions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section. Let us know about any specific details or additional information. Once your initial order is completed, you'll be able to access your previously styled photography in the Previous Orders tab.

Group Shots / Set 2 items

$65.00 per each image

Get your perfect group shot apparel photography today!

Find samples of apparel images below and choose the angles that perfectly capture your Group Shot.

If you don't find the exact angle you envision for your clothing, upload reference images as attachments. 

Provide specific instructions in the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

Group Shots / Set 3 to 4 items

$120.00 per each angle

Customize gourmet groupings photography with a set of 3 to 4 items:

Feel free to upload reference images as attachments if you have a specific angle in mind that's not showcased.

Share any specific directions the CLIENT COMMENTS section.

You'll always have quick access to your previously approved angles in the Previous Orders tab.

Group Shots / Set 5 & more items

$160.00 starting

Streamline clothing flat shots for a group of 5 or more items photography:

Explore the suggested samples for group shot images below to find the angles that align with your vision for Group Shot photography. 

For the best photography results, use the upload option to include your own reference images via attachments and mention about your direction in a Comment section

Add on extra services
Additional Image Format
$5.00 per each image
All orders include web resolutions images (1500x1500 pixels, 72 dpi, jpeg) Additional resolution or format - $5 per image

Ironing / Steaming

$5.00 per product


$10.00 per each angle

Color Editing / Image Manipulation

$9.99 per each image

Product Stylist

$85.00 per hour

Minimum 5 Hours


$10.00 per each image

Shadow / Reflection / Border Shadow

$3.00 per each image

Product Scaling / Cropping

$5.00 per each image

Add Measurements

$5.00 per each image

Watermark / Logo on Image

$5.00 per each image
Rush fee
A rush fee is an extra amount paid by the client to guarantee delivery in the minimum time needed to complete a project.
Send us your full instructions and comments. Every detail counts!
You can ATTACH or drag`n`drop multiple files Attach your sample
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Professional Apparel Photography: Ghost Mannequin and Flat Lay Photographer by LenFlash Studio

If you wish to market and sell your clothing and apparel products on eCommerce platforms, you need the assistance of experts in apparel product photography who can capture the beauty, colors, textures, and details of your apparel. LenFlash studio provides reasonably priced professional clothing photographers who offer the best rates and attractive images. You can order garment photography and build your quote using our standard photography rate calculator for flat lay clothing and invisible ghost mannequin product shots.

LenFlash's professional clothing photographers are skilled at photographing clothing flat and use unique methods for ghost mannequin photography that display the quality and workmanship of your garments. Whether it’s shirt product photography, scarf or hoodie product shots, our expert photo stylists will choose the most effective apparel photography and display techniques to showcase your garments. We also offer a photographer for baby clothes and apparel photography who will consult with you and provide best pricing.

We follow all eCommerce guideline standards, and our prices include retouching for stitching, buttons, texture, lining fabric, and label placement. LenFlash is equipped to deliver the best clothes photography, and our efficient professional team will shoot and turn-around great marketing images for websites, brochures, catalogs, or any media. We welcome brands, designers, influencers, major retailers, and wholesalers. Trust your valuable clothes photography to the professional apparel photographers at

The raise of clothing photography: Tracing its Progression from its Inception to Contemporary Times.

Apparel photography is an essential aspect of the fashion industry, serving to capture the beauty and elegance of clothing. It is widely used in fashion magazines, advertising campaigns, and e-commerce websites. Its roots date back to the 1850s when Adolphe Braun captured a groundbreaking series of photographs of the Countess of Castiglione. These photographs were revolutionary and showcased clothing in an innovative and stylish manner.

In the early 1900s, apparel photography gained more popularity with the emergence of fashion magazines such as Vogue and Harper's Bazaar. These magazines featured stylish photographs of clothing that helped to popularize the fashion industry.

Over time, apparel photography has continued to evolve with advancements in technology. The introduction of color photography and artificial lighting allowed for more visually appealing images. In today's digital age, apparel photography has reached new heights with e-commerce and digital photography. Flat lay clothing photography is a popular type of product photography that involves arranging clothing on a flat surface and capturing the image from an overhead perspective. This technique is widely used by e-commerce websites and social media platforms. Professional stylists are often involved in this process to provide guidance on styling and direction for optimal results.

Another emerging trend in e-commerce product photography is ghost mannequin photography. This technique, commonly referred to as invisible mannequin photography, utilizes a specialized mannequin that replicates the human form without the presence of a live model. Retailers can showcase their products' intricate details with greater clarity and precision using this technique. It eliminates the distraction of human features, resulting in superior quality product images. The incorporation of ghost mannequin photography can significantly enhance the quality of apparel photography.

In today's thriving apparel photography industry, many talented photographers are working with fashion brands, advertising agencies, and e-commerce websites. Apparel photography remains a critical aspect of the fashion industry, helping to showcase clothing in a stylish and appealing way. To succeed in the apparel industry, it is crucial to invest in high-quality apparel photography that captures the essence of your brand and products.

What type of clothing photography services does LenFlash provide in a studio setting?

At, we understand that you don't always need models to get the perfect shot. We provide specialized services for flat lay photography, ghost mannequin apparel photography, including kids mannequin and male and female invisible mannequin for ecommerce photos. Our expertise enables us to capture beautiful images of clothing with ease. If you're looking for top-notch fashion garment product photography, is the perfect destination.

Could you kindly provide information on the pricing plans that are currently available for your apparel photography services?

Our pricing structure is designed to offer you cost-effective options for garment photography packages. We provide a pricing guide to help you select the most suitable package that matches your requirements. Our simplified process is user-friendly and enables you to receive a real-time quote promptly, ensuring that you stay within your budget, with rates starting at $30 per image. You can rely on our expertise to produce high-quality apparel invisible mannequin photography at a reasonable cost. For a customized quote tailored to your specific needs, we recommend reviewing our complete pricing guide for garment photography, which can be found in the order section.

What kind of clothing photography do you specialize in?

LenFlash studio is dedicated to producing exceptional apparel photography for a variety of clothing items using a team of expert ecommerce photographers and stylists We have extensive knowledge and experience in capturing various types of clothing, ranging from hats and caps to baby clothes, t-shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, sweaters, hoodies, dresses, and even sophisticated bridal gowns. Our objective is to create visually stunning images that effectively showcase your products in the most favorable manner possible. 

What steps can I take to guarantee that your photography precisely showcases and represents my product?

We recommend scheduling a complimentary consultation with us to thoroughly discuss your apparel photography requirements and preferences. During this consultation, we will provide you access to our extensive portfolio containing over a several million images. Additionally, we will offer suggestions for photography angles, while also giving you the option to specify your own unique requirements to ensure that our professional photographers capture your clothing exactly as you envision it. Our goal is to ensure optimal satisfaction with your apparel photography, and we believe that a personalized approach is key to achieving this.

Does LenFlash provide stylists to take our direction in styling apparel before photoshoots?

LenFlash offers an additional service of providing skilled wardrobe stylists who can work closely with you to meet your apparel photography requirements at an extra charge. These experts possess a keen sense of aesthetics and can assist you in creating visually appealing compositions for your ecommerce store. They can also coordinate accessories and provide valuable inputs on how to showcase your clothing items in the best possible manner. Additionally, we have pin up stylists who are well-versed in the photography industry and can help you in building your concept.

Does apparel photography include final retouching and what is the turnaround time for edited images after a shoot?

Absolutely! We offer professional retouching as a part of our apparel photography services. Our all-inclusive pricing covers the cost of retouching. Our team of experienced retouchers pays meticulous attention to detail, including fabric texture, buttons, lining, and other features that contribute to a natural look for your photographs. Once we have received approval for the raw images, we will proceed with the post-production process, which typically takes 24 to 72 hours to produce the final, ready-to-use images.