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Creative Commercials Video Production - Jewelry Lamb LLC
The Len Flash team did an amazing job putting together this story using clips from our shoot and editing in some city footage and music to bring it to life. I was amazed that I could make approvals & revisions seamlessly ‘through the cloud’ it was a fast and straightforward creative process. Len Flash really captured my branding here. So impressed!
Creative Commercials Video Production - Jewels By Joanne
All I can say is WOW and thank you. This video is absolutely fabulous and is the culmination of a lot of very hard work with extremely talented people. From the planning to the actual day of the photo shoot my friends at Lenflash were professional and fabulous to work with. Their energy and ideas helped to make our first shoot together an immediate success. This is very touching for me to view--it shows commitment to excellence and The ability to work as a team and produce an amazing product. Thank you to Lenflash---there will be many more to come!! Joanne Fiedle
Creative Commercials Video Production - Kaspar & Esh
I had an idea that I needed to show how my bracelets are assembled, but Moysey perfected this idea and insisted on filming it personally. He understood how important this is to communicating to my customers and made sure I was dressed properly, the lighting was right, the background was elegant and so on. He filmed the same action from four different angles to allow him to assemble the best footage possible, and the result was fantastic. When he takes on a project he is not satisfied until the result is the best possible, and it shows in his work. Thanks again for all your hard work and expertise! Ben
Lifestyle model videography for jewelry
Creative Commercials Video Production - Marketing video production
videography company, New York City
Creative Commercials Video Production - Creative commercial video production
When it comes to professional creative commercial of any type of jewelry you have, I can't be more impressed with! They listen to your needs and direct you the best possible and efficient way. With their extensive experience and deep knowledge of jewelry you can't ask for more. They know exactly what you need and the best way to present it. I highly recommend for any photography or videography you have in mind. They are the best out there!
Creative Commercials Video Production - Vakenelli
We cannot express enough gratitude for Moysey and his staff. His expertise of all facets of photography and video are unmatched. Lenflash produces the highest quality production for any project. We will use them again and urge anyone who needs photography or video to do the same. Hawthorne Heff President VAKENELLI