Overhead Duffle

Overhead Duffle

AMAZING ANIMATION! So smooth and flattering to the product!
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3D Animation Video Production - Kaspar & Esh
Fantastic! The project came out better than I ever imagined it would. Moysey and his staff took the time to study our product and understand how to render it and make it move in a way that would communicate its weight and quality. Really great job, we will be doing more of these.
3D Animation Video Production - stackable rings in motion
Digital animation for rainbow stackable rings. Best way to show the mix colors of gold and semiprecious stones. Try our animation maker to create your stack.
3D Animation Video Production - Johnny Fly Co.
JAW DROPPING!! WOW WOW WOW.. This is next level, with incredible style! Its a strong and compelling campaign that adds value and sophistication to our brand. The Lenflash team had incredible vision and really brought this to life beyond expectations.