High end jewelry retouching, still life & gem editing

Contact LenFlash for high end jewelry retouching, including still life gem retouch for fashion jewelry photography. High end jewelry retouching must be performed on photoshop by hand with unique retouching skills and techniques. Our professional digital photo artist's at LenFlash will perform creative jewelry photo retouching on your marketing photography for any high end magazine. Sign up, upload and direct for best high end retouching on PH.

Pay $11.99 per image and save 20%51 and more images
Pay $12.75 per image and save 15%31-50 images
Pay $14.99 per image1-30 images


What's included:

  • Image enhancement
  • Deleting defects
  • Color Correction
  • Unlimited color change - Additional Cost
  • Any Shadow or reflection
  • Any solid color background
  • Making additional shining to the photos
  • Clients direction
  • Free Hosting
  • Unlimited Users
  • Upfront payment
  • Red eye delivery
  • High Resolution Image 300dpi JPG

Original file should not be smaller than requested size of a retouched image

Upload your photos for retouching & get ready images for eCommerce including JPGs 300 Dpi

New York 24/7 Customer Support - Color Change Available - Red eye delivery - Free Hosting!

Majors, Brands, Influencers, Designers, Retailers, Wholesalers & Manufacturers - Welcome!


We can also do Product photo retouching services and Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

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