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Professional jewelry photography can significantly impact buyers' interest levels and their willingness to pay for a product. LenFlash offers top-tier jewelry photography services that showcase the natural beauty, detail, and color of gold, diamonds, and gemstones against a pristine white background.

Our transparent pricing structure is tailored to the specific type of jewelry or photography direction required. Ring photography is priced at $22, while earrings, pendants, and charms are $24 each. Bracelet imaging is available for $30, and necklaces, uShape chains, and Top shots are priced at $36 per item. Professional watch photography, executed by experienced photographers, is competitively priced at $52 per image/angle. Our team of experts specializes in capturing the brilliance of gemstones and loose diamonds, offering competitive rates at $40 per image. Bespoke jewelry photography, including natural shadows, incurs an additional fee that is 50% higher than the cost of white background photography. Still life photography starts at $450 per hour, inclusive of editing, and jewelry fashion photography begins at $500.

Creating exceptional jewelry photos is a meticulous process. Our baseline white background photos are priced lower due to their production efficiency. These images involve separating the item from the background, leading to a distinct editing approach. Conversely, higher-priced photos require more extensive setup time, custom lighting arrangements, and advanced editing techniques as the original background remains intact. The absence of background removal necessitates intricate editing and color adjustments.

We utilize macro lenses to capture the intricate details of jewelry pieces, ensuring that each item's unique features are highlighted effectively. Our portfolio showcases fine jewelry photography for Earrings, Rings, Pendants, Bracelets, and Necklaces, emphasizing the play of light on gemstones and diamonds to create captivating visuals that attract attention. LenFlash's high-resolution creative jewelry photography images are ideal for websites, catalogs, lookbooks, magazines, and advertisements.

Our skilled photographers excel in capturing jewelry products with multiple focus points, ensuring sharp images that highlight the best angles and essential elements for showcasing and selling your jewelry effectively. Explore five types of eCommerce jewelry photography:

White Background Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Photography on a White Background -

Order White Background Jewelry Photography

Jewelry photography on a white background is a popular choice for e-commerce websites and product listings because it creates a clean, professional look that puts the focus entirely on the piece itself. Importantly, you can photograph it from different angles while maintaining a consistent look across all jewelry categories like rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets.

A white background minimizes distractions. Without competing colors or patterns, the viewer's eye goes straight to the product. This is especially important for intricate pieces with lots of detail or for showcasing the clarity and brilliance of gemstones.

The significant benefit of white background photography is that jewelry is photographed on natural color props like acrylic, making it easy to remove in Photoshop. This leaves no color reflection on the jewelry and can easily be retouched and saved in a transparent background, allowing us to add a digital background later. If you plan on using the photos for different purposes, transparent background files, known as Tiff files, offer more flexibility during editing. You can easily change the background altogether to place the jewelry on a different virtual background or use it for marketing materials.

Setting up a white background is often easier and more cost-effective than creating elaborate setups with colored backgrounds or props. This can save you time and resources, especially if you're photographing a large volume of jewelry.

Jewelry photography on a natural background with professional studio lighting.

Natural Background Jewelry Photography -

Order Natural Background Jewelry Photography

Photographing jewelry against a natural backdrop with professional studio lighting can result in a distinctive and artistic aesthetic. It is crucial to select a natural color palette that enhances the jewelry without overshadowing it. Choosing colors that complement the craftsmanship of the piece and align with your brand's identity will effectively showcase your products. Embracing creative exploration in your photography process can lead to innovative outcomes.

Utilizing studio lighting to replicate natural daylight is essential for achieving soft and diffused light that minimizes harsh shadows and highlights on the jewelry. Employing large soft boxes or diffusers helps to evenly distribute light, creating a gentle and natural appearance. By strategically placing the light source to one side or behind the jewelry, you can introduce subtle dimension to the composition.

Incorporating a white background, even when shooting against a colored backdrop, is a fundamental guideline in jewelry photography. A white seamless sweep behind the jewelry serves to separate the piece from the background, resulting in a crisp and polished presentation. Paying attention to styling angles and ensuring that both the jewelry and shadows are visually appealing is crucial. Infusing a natural element into the composition can add depth and narrative interest, while maintaining a balance that accentuates the jewelry without overwhelming it.

Tailoring your choice of a natural background to resonate with your target audience can enhance the appeal of the jewelry. Utilizing textures and hues found in nature can resonate with customers, creating a connection through visual storytelling. However, shooting against a natural backdrop may necessitate additional post-processing to eliminate dust, imperfections, or unwanted elements from the background.

In conclusion, employing a natural backdrop alongside professional studio lighting offers a creative approach to jewelry photography. This method allows for the creation of distinctive and emotive images that place the jewelry within a specific context. While this approach demands meticulous planning, precise execution, and potentially more post-production work compared to shooting against a white background, it can yield captivating results that elevate the overall visual narrative of the jewelry pieces.

Still Life Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Still Life Photography -

Order Still Life Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Still Life Photography for eCommerce is a specialized form of product photography that aims to capture the exquisite details, craftsmanship, and allure of jewelry items in a visually appealing and engaging manner. It is a crucial aspect of e-commerce platforms as it plays a significant role in attracting potential buyers and showcasing the unique features of each piece.

In this genre of photography, every element is carefully curated to highlight the beauty of the jewelry. This includes the selection of backgrounds, props, lighting, and composition techniques. The primary goal is to create images that not only accurately represent the jewelry but also evoke emotions and desires in potential customers.

The process of jewelry still life photography for eCommerce involves meticulous planning and execution. Each piece is meticulously arranged and styled to emphasize its key features, such as gemstones, intricate designs, and metal finishes. The use of props and backgrounds is strategic, adding context and storytelling elements that resonate with the target audience.

Lighting is a critical aspect of jewelry still life photography for eCommerce. Different lighting setups are explored to achieve the desired mood and highlight the textures and details of the jewelry. Soft, diffused lighting is often preferred to minimize harsh shadows and create a natural, luxurious look.

Overall, jewelry still life photography for eCommerce is a blend of artistry and technical precision. It aims to create compelling visuals that not only showcase the products but also enhance the overall shopping experience for online customers.

Fashion Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Fashion Photoshoot -

Order Fashion Jewelry Photography

In the world of e-commerce, high-quality fashion jewelry photography is a silent salesperson. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores where customers can examine pieces in person, online retailers rely solely on captivating images. These photos are crucial for grabbing attention, conveying details, and ultimately influencing buying decisions.

Clear and well-lit photos showcase the intricate details, craftsmanship, and unique features of each piece. This allows customers to zoom in and get a sense of the jewelry's quality, materials, and how it might look when worn. Additionally, the style and mood of the photos can reflect your brand's personality. This visual language helps customers connect with your brand and understand the overall aesthetic of your jewelry collection.

Beyond attracting attention, effective fashion jewelry photography in e-commerce directly impacts sales and customer satisfaction. Compelling photos lead to higher click-through rates, as customers are more likely to explore products that visually pique their interest. Detailed and accurate photos can also minimize returns by setting realistic expectations about the size, color, and details of the jewelry. Ultimately, high-quality photos create a more engaging and informative shopping experience, leading to increased customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Lifestyle Jewelry Photography

Jewelry Lifestyle Photoshoot -

Order Lifestyle Jewelry Photography

Lifestyle photography in e-commerce jewelry sales adds another layer. It lets you tell a story and connect with customers on an emotional level. Picture a photo of a woman confidently striding through a city street, a statement necklace catching the sunlight. This image goes beyond the product; it portrays a sense of empowerment and urban chic, associating the jewelry with a specific lifestyle and aspiration.

This storytelling approach lets you target specific demographics. A photo of a mother and daughter wearing matching bracelets creates a heartwarming image of family connection, appealing to a different customer than one featuring a model sporting a bold ring at a music festival. By showcasing the jewelry in relevant scenarios, you speak directly to your ideal customer's interests and aspirations, building a stronger emotional connection that drives sales and brand loyalty.

Jewelry Photography with

We specialize in helping chain stores transition to an online presence. Our services include free consultations for brick-and-mortar establishments, developing visual content guidelines tailored for midsize and large corporations, and offering bulk pricing options for majors, brands, influencers, designers, retailers, and wholesalers. Share the details of your project with us, and we will create a custom quote for you.

Our Jewelry Photography Service caters to renowned brands such as Signet, Helzberg, Fred Meyer, Zales, JCPenney, Macy’s, Walmart, Sam's Club, Costco, Shop Disney, and more. For professional jewelry photography needs aimed at enhancing digital advertising campaigns, contact LenFlash's expert photographers specializing in jewelry. Our photo studio is conveniently located in New York City.

Elevate your eCommerce jewelry photography with our professional services by contacting LenFlash today. Simply ship your products to us and receive ready-to-use images promptly. For quantity discounts or further inquiries, please call us at 212-813-6682.

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