The Key is Consistency When Driving Your Business

As a large corporation with a widely recognized brand, your desire is to have everything associated with your brand consistent right down to the last detail. A uniform presentment of your product is critical in creating a professional look which attracts potential customers as well as retaining current consumers of your product.

This seems like a very basic concept that any marketing team would understand and desire in their photography, and in fact even when they write their branding specifications to vendors in explicit detail, time and time again as can be easily gleaned when browsing through a companies products on a given website, you get a mess of inconsistent photography that in effect can deeply impact salability.

There are two main factors that contribute to this insidious effect. The first is a subjective understanding of photography, meaning that each specific vendor has their own concept of photography and photo editing and how a photo "should look", completely inconsiderate of the overall intended effect of the corporation.

The second factor is equipment. Inadequate and incongruent equipment among multiple vendors for example: outdated single frame cameras; different types of lighting; diverse image backgrounds; various monitor color calibrations; even contrasting brands of cameras can cause differentiation, for instance the current top brands in digital cameras the Nikon D850 produces a softer color than the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.