The Impact of eCommerce Product Photography in 2018

As brick and mortar shopping becomes more and more obsolete this year, it's going to be increasingly necessary for retailers to adjust their emphasis from tools that enhance brick and mortar sales to e-tools that enhance eCommerce sales to increase overall revenue. This is exhibited by the fact that 50% of all sales during Christmas 2017 were done on mobile devices, versus 40% Christmas 2016. This Holiday Season 2017 was the largest increase in online sales on record.

With the overwhelming data which points to the necessity of moving focus to online sales, quality eCommerce product photography is going to be the greatest demand of online merchants in 2018. Without advancement in the quality, amount of angles, lifestyle setting, or number of images a retailer has to present products, the said retailer runs the risk of massive loss of revenue.What is going to be of utmost importance this year for retailers will be to avoid the pitfalls of reliance on mediocre freelance photographers who promise quality but fall far short, and end up costing you thousands of dollars because they lack proper knowledge of eCommerce product photography.

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