eCommerce Product Photography for Skilled eCommerce Product Photographers, Amateurs Need Not Apply

When choosing the right photographers to photograph and edit images of your products to be featured online, you want to be absolutely sure that the quality is top notch.

With that being said, it is of the utmost necessity to rely only on skilled eCommerce product photographers and not amateur "professional" freelance photographers who do not have the adequate qualifications.

All photographers will claim to be skilled in every aspect of photography, but not all are, and the proof is in the lack of revenues generated as a result of poor quality images. There are many differences between amateur "professional" photographers and skilled eCommerce product photographers, one is that our skilled eCommerce product photographers are versed in detailed color correction as well as image correction, whereas amateur "professional" photographers are, at best, skilled only in image correction. Without detailed color correction and image correction, your images will not look true to the touch and feel of the product, and in turn will result in a greater amount of product returns.

Another striking difference is in the way an amateur "professional" photographer conceptualizes a photograph, you can see this when you look at their portfolio. Most amateur "professional" photographers will be trained in landscape or abstract photography. This aspect of amateur "professional" photographers will have dramatically adverse effects when applied to eCommerce product photography.

Amateur "professional" photographers will also not be ready to deal with the specification guidelines that eCommerce retailers will require to maintain their brand, and will in fact contribute in hurting the brand consistency by result. A skilled eCommerce product photographer is by design sensitive to the needs a brand requires to be built, and with the added feature of uniquely designed for photography structured cloud technology where our clients images can be stored for future reference, the maintenance of your brand is kept secure and intact.