Convenient Cloud Connection Ensures Satisfaction in eCommerce Product Photography

Making sure your product is presented in the most attractive way possible to increase your sales in the eCommerce marketplace can be very time consuming and in turn very frustrating when dealing with multiple sources of photography and image editing. But without a user-friendly cloud, this frustration is multiplied exponentially

The benefit of storing and ability to communicate your desired photo edits via cloud gives your company the most realtime capability to determine the final product presentation in the most efficient way possible. Without this capability you run the risk of not only loss of time, which can lead to missing a proposed deadline, you also run the risk of the loss of your image files altogether. The security the cloud offers is unmatched, and paired with LenFlash's eCommerce product photographers who are experts in image editing, as well as your company's specifications to guide us through the process, your guaranteed to have your images at your fingertips, to your standards in a fraction of the time it takes your competitors.

What sets our service above and beyond our competitors is that once you utilize our service, your images will remain in the cloud for future reference which will make future photographing and image editing even more efficient.